Festival of the New European Bauhaus: 9-12 June 2022

MILE at the First Festival of the New European Bauhaus Brussels

As part of this year’s Festival of the New European Bauhaus, organised by the European Commission, MILE joined the Transmedia Catalonia team and three other European projects – Traction, Rebuild and SoClose – from 9-11 June 2022 to present the projects’ work at the festival. Moreover, MILE participated in organised two joint workshops:

Let’s start changing the narrative! Co-creating inclusive cities.

What is an inclusive city and how can we co-create them? What can cities learn from each other when it comes to inclusive policy-making? How can we promote better understanding and closer collaboration between cities and migrant-led organisations across Europe?

Accessible Storytelling for Social Impact

This workshop focused on the use of storytelling as a practice to promote dialogue and reflections on the topic of migration. Learn the art of crafting a story that resonates with people, challenge your personal biases, and build a story for all!

Location: Tour&Taxis, Gare Maritime, Rue Picard 7, 1000 Brussels. More information about our activities at the festival can be found here.

The festival’s main themes are beauty, sustainability and inclusiveness. Designed around three pillars, the Forum, Fair and Fest were based physically in Brussels, at Gare Maritime & Mont des Arts, but equally around Europe and online, the Festival of the New European Bauhaus brought together people from all walks of life to explore, debate and shape a beautiful, sustainable and inclusive future.

The Fair provided an excellent entry point to the variety and diversity of the activities performed under the NEB aegis. Some examples of showcased projects included local citizen labs to pioneer research funded by EU funding programmes such as Horizon Europe or prototypes that will make our future lives easier, more sustainable and more beautiful. The Fair was co-created: out of the 316 applications received, 100 projects were selected to be displayed at NEB both on fixed and innovative mobile supports scattered across the city centre. 

Find out more about festival here.