In 2022, MILE produced reports of local and EU-level inclusion policies with the help of existing evaluation frameworks, such as the Integrating Cities Toolkit

For these analyses, our research teams worked together with the four implementing municipalities of the MILE project as well as partnering migrant communities in the countries to collect evidence of the current local contexts.

Read more about the background of the research papers, and see the full reports from Birmingham, Ioannina, Riga, and Ripollet, along with an EU-level summary.

To guide its activites, MILE produced analyses of local and European inclusion policies. Based on the background research for each municipality (Birmingham, Ionnina, Riga, Ripollet) and the EU level, MILE will produce tailored responses and tools for the inclusion and participation of migrants in policy-making. These responses and recommendations will be published throughout the project as policy papers.