For Migrants

Building on the idea that cities should be inclusive and open, offering spaces for all residents to connect, participant and collaborate with each other and with policy-makers, MILE will set up two Europe-wide platforms in 2023. With the aim to promote in particular the collaboration among European migrant communities and municipalities as well as other local stakeholders working on migration and inclusion issues, these networks can be the backbone for future collaboration and exchange around migration, inclusion, and participation. As such, the networks will provide an opportunity for its members to exchange experiences with each other on challenges and best practices, thus empowering each other and building stronger links. 

The platform for migrant communities in Europe follows the main aim of connecting the different groups and individuals, increasing their sense of belonging, connection with like-minded organisations and a sense of ownership over policy-making in Europe. To support this, the platform aims to provide a space for the regular online exchange, support and collaboration between members which could include the sharing of knowledge, expertise and experience, mutual support with personal and organisational challenges of migrants, joint advocacy campaign or events, support with capacity building, fundraising and networking. Members of the platform can benefit by receiving support and guidance from other members, can exchange ideas, find potential partners or supporters of initiatives, showcase or learn about good practices, improve their work, lives and knowledge of their rights to participation and inclusion in Europe in different local contexts.

The platforms are currently in the design phase. If you are interested in joining the platform for migrants and migrant organisations, please contact