For Migrants

One of MILE’s aims is to connect migrant communities across Europe and to strengthen their capacities to promote inclusive participation at the local level. For this, we organised a training on inclusive participation which was facilitated by the organisation New Women Connectors. In 2023, we involved migrant communities through consultative mechanisms in each participating municipality and connected migrant communities through regular exchanges and events. 


Key questions and needs were identified by our migrant networks and participants of MILE’s activities that an exchange platform can address:

  • How to connect with more stakeholders on a local and regional level;
  • How to increase the presence of migrants and refugee representatives in the policy-making processes;
  • How to represent their community and ensure their meaningful participation in migrant organisations;
  • Exploring new methods to engage people different societal groups;
  • Find new ways to enhance migrants’ civic participation and political representation and collaborate at the European level;


The purpose of future collaboration is to consistently work together towards common goals and values. Main vehicles for this are networking, training and skills development, sharing information and funding opportunities. 


If you are a migrant-led or migrant-focused organisation and are interested in collaborating with the MILE peer-to-peer platform, please contact