Policy Briefs

In collaboration with the migrant organisations and municipalities participating in the MILE project, our research teams produced five policy briefs that draw from local experiences and latest research on promoting diversity and migrant inclusion in policy making.


Intended as roadmaps to guide and support policy makers, NGOs, collectives, integration experts, practioners and researchers, these briefs target all those interested in advancing migrant inclusion and political participation, whether at the local, national or European level. By providing sustainable solutions, concrete policy recommendations and references to existing good practices and initiatives that can be replicated, they address not only the role of local governments but also the importance of migrant and refugee organisations, the benefits of multi-stakeholder collaborations and the impact of EU funding.


To download the policy briefs, you can click on the images below.

Policy Brief 1

Policy Brief 2

Policy Brief 3

Policy Brief 4

Policy Brief 5