For Cities

Cities should be inclusive and open spaces providing all residents the opportunity to connect, participant and collaborate with each other and with policy-makers. From 2022-2023, MILE connected local stakeholders including municipalities, migrant organisations and research teams better understand participation barriers for migrants and to enhance their participation and inclusion at the local level. 


To promote understanding and collaboration between European migrant communities and municipalities in the long-term, the network of MILE partners constitutes the backbone of any future exchange around migration, inclusion, and participation. Activities foreseen for the future include the regular exchange, both offline and in-person between those organisations interested, the sharing of knowledge and best practices, joint communication and campaigning activities as well as mutual support for activities and projects. 


Any organisation, whether municipality, NGO, business or research entity can benefit from this informal platform and can share and explore tools for inclusive policy-making and civic participation, receive guidance and input, showcase initiatives at a European scale and enhance the visibility of its activities and benefit from the outreach of the other partners. 


If you are interested in joining the platform, please contact