The project

MILE stands for Migrant Integration through Locally designed Experiences and is about empowering the local community as a whole, including migrant communities. MILE is two-year project co-funded through the European Union’s Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund and involves partners in six European countries: Belgium, Greece, Latvia, Spain, the Netherlands, and the UK.

MILE is based on the idea that policy-making – including at the local level – should be a process of co-creation and collaboration that reflects the diverse population of cities and gives migrants, newcomers, refugees and asylum-seekers a say. By connecting municipalities, migrant communities and research teams across Europe, MILE aims to empower migrants and refugees and help to build lasting connections between migrant groups and local governments in Europe.

For this, MILE has been producing locally-tailored responses to address the current needs and priorities of municipalities and local migrant communities. The participation tools developed and co-created by partnering research teams, municipalities, and migrant-led organisations aim to serve as a springboard for deeper social, economic, and political inclusion.

Download our flyer: MILE in a nutshell

In 2023, the four MILE municipalities (Riga, Birmingham, Ripollet and Ioannina) piloted consultative mechanisms to foster the participation of migrants in local policymaking. You can find our report here.

Our goals