Wrapping up MILE with a European event in Brussels

The MILE project is slowly but surely nearing the end of its two-year journey, after having brought together individuals and organisations from across Europe, including Belgium, Spain, Greece, Latvia, the UK and the Netherlands. Newcomers, Brussels locals, municipalities, organisations led by or working with migrant and refugees, civil society organisations, and research teams exchanged local […]

MILE Blog post: Bridging the Democracy Gap

Sign up here if you would like to receive updates and event invitations from the MILE project. How can we make political participation more inclusive and accessible to everyone?Ā MILE partners UNITEE, New Women Connectors, and INTEGRIM Lab held an event on 27 September 2023, in collaboration with the European Parliament, to explore this question with […]

MILE and its collaboration with the RAISD project

On 17 and 18 May, Chiara Gunella (Transmedia Catalonia research group, MILE partner) joined the International Conference “Tailoring Research and inclusion Strategies for vulnerable migrant contexts” in Palermo to represent the MILE project. This International Conference was organised under the RAISD project that is funded through the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme and addresses the need […]