City of Utrecht (Netherlands)

Utrecht is the fourth-largest city in the Netherlands with a population of 360,000 representing 172 nationalities. The city promotes diversity and inclusion among its key values, implementing them through its various local, national, and European-level projects and policies. At the same time, the city pays particular attention to minority and disadvantaged groups facing discrimination and who are underrepresented in decision-making processes. Moreover, the city is home to and supports a wide range of local civil society organisations, citizens initiatives, and social entrepreneurs who are involved in developing and assessing policies and who participate in local and European-level projects. The different organisations and communities they represent thus contribute to a large extent to Utrecht’s local culture of inclusion and diversity. This allows the city to constantly evolve and advance its inclusion, diversity, and anti-discrimination policies and develop effective and inclusive policy solutions for issues such as affordable housing, sustainability, green spaces, infrastructure, transport, and culture.