11 October: Young Migrants and Cities (European Week of Regions and Cities)

As part of this years European Week of Regions and Cities, MILE partners Eurocities, UNITEE and INTEGRIM Lab are holding an online event on “Young Migrants and Cities – New Pathways for Local Participation and Inclusion” on Tuesday 11 October from 11:30-13:00. The European Week of Regions and Cities (#EURegionsWeek) is the biggest annual Brussels-based event dedicated to cohesion policy and will take place from 10-13 October 2022.

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The MILE workshop will focus on the local inclusion and participation of young migrants in Europe in the context of promoting social and territorial cohesion. Together with the workshop participants, we will explore the challenges faced by young migrants when settling in Europe, as well as their visions and needs when it comes to developing a sense of belonging and playing an active role in their local community.


Live visual recording will be provided by Blanche Ellis, artist and graphic facilitator.

Through the use of story-telling, this workshop aims to promote mutual understanding by illustrating the perspectives of migrants and refugees coming to Europe from non-European countries, as well as those working on migration and inclusion policies at the local level in Europe.

What are young migrants’ needs, visions, hopes and ideas when they come to Europe? How are they shaping urban spaces? How can both cities and migrant communities benefit from new approaches to exchange, collaboration and participation?

The event is intended to be interactive and constructive, by promoting creativity and mutual understanding around the experiences of young migrants settling in Europe. Emphasis will be put on the different experiences and views of young migrants and of those working on inclusion policies at the local level. Participants will be invited to imagine the journey and challenges of migrants settling in Europe and be part of migrants’ stories of local inclusion and participation.

Check out the full programme of the European Week of Regions and Cities 2022.