INTEGRIM Lab at the SISP Conference – Is there a way to bridge the gap between research, policy-making, and practice?

Reflections on Integrim’s participation in SISP’s Annual Conference

MILE project partner INTEGRIM Lab recently participated in the 36th annual conference of the Italian Political Science Association – SISP, Società Italiana di Scienza Politica. Beatrice Tommasi presented the results of the MILE policy brief “Leveraging EU resources to promote migrants’ political inclusion: How to build sustainable, multi-stakeholder and inclusive networks”.

In this blog post reporting back on the event, Beatrice highlights the optimism and vibrancy of the migration research community and emphasises the need for further academic research to bridge the gap between policy-making and practice. Beatrice also stresses the importance of researchers effectively communicating complex findings, especially in the sensitive field of migration, and highlights the power of storytelling in shaping perceptions of migrants and migration.

Read the blog post in full here.