MILE concludes training on inclusive participation and leadership in Ripollet

In March, MILE concluded its training programme on inclusive participation with a final training session for migrants and refugees in Ripollet, Spain, on 6 March 2023. As for the previous sessions, the training was designed and implemented by New Women Connectors and in the case of the training in Ripollet, led by the Barcelona-based MILE partner Asociación Kudwa.

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As one of the key activities of the project, MILE organised training for staff of municipalities and local service providers as well as migrant and refugee communities in Birmingham, Ripollet, Ioannina and Riga. The training had started online in November 2022 and concluded with the in-person training in Ripollet this month. The various sessions had connect municipalities and their migrant communities, explores tools to enhance inclusion, diversity and leadership the participants and involved exercises to help participants better understand each other’s needs, challenges and perceptions when it comes to migrants, creating inclusive cities and active citizenship and participation.

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