ONLINE EVENT: Fostering diversity in political decision making

Join us for another MILE online event on Thursday 29 June from 12:00-13:00, bringing together different perspectives on fostering diversity and the inclusion of migrants and refugees in political decision-making through consultative bodies, migrant councils and other democracy initiatives.

We will hear from those directly involved in MILE’s local migrant consultative bodies currently running in Ripollet (Spain), Riga (Latvia), Birmingham (UK) and Ioannina (Greece) as well as the European Migration Forum. While the speakers will share their experiences and views on the value, potential and challenges of migrant councils and similar participatory tools, the discussion will be guided by the key themes of compassion, belonging, diversity, participation well-being and intersectionality
  • Members of the migrant councils in Ripollet, Ioannina, Birmingham and Riga (Māra McLaughlin-Tailor)
  • Jah Caballero, Project Officer, ACH Refugee Integration Services Provider
  • Razan Ismail, Founder of Asociación Kudwa; Member of the European Commission’s Migration Expert Group
  • Rudi Osman, Bureau Member, European Migration Forum; Founder, UEE – Union des Etudiants Exilés
Moderator: Vanessa Cotterell, MILE project manager, UNITEE
The event can be watched via live-stream on Youtube as well as MILE’s Twitter and Facebook pages.