Ripollet (Spain)

Ripollet is a municipality in Catalonia, Spain, part of the Barcelona metropolitan area and with a population of around 40,000. Over the past years, the population of the municipality has grown, partly due to an increase in the arrival of migrants in the area. Immigrants make up 15% of the population of Ripollet, while migrant communities are mostly concentrated in the neighborhoods of Tiana, Can Mas, part of the Central Zone, and the areas bordering the Industrial Zone. The majority – over one-third – of migrants in Ripollet come from African countries, in particular Morocco, while around a fifth has emigrated from an EU country, with the highest representation being Romania. In addition, migrants from South American countries as well as Pakistan and China make up a large share of the migrant population. To support inclusion, Ripollet currently has in place a reception service to accompany and assist migrants with administrative steps.