Online Webinar – Political and Educational Spaces For All

TransMedia Catalonia and TraDiLex are pleased to inform you that they will participate in Catalonia Science Week with the webinar “Political and Educational Spaces For All”, which will be held online on the 13th of November 2023, 17:00 to 18:00 CET. We invite you to register here to participate in this event and discover the […]


The MILE project (Migrant Integration through Locally designed Experiences) is inviting you to its final event taking place in Brussels on 23-24 November 2023! The event not only presents the end of a two-year journey for our project. It will also provide a moment to reflect on migration experiences and share our experiences with promoting […]

Should migrants be active citizens?

Can and should migrants be active citizens? And what can policy makers do to promote greater inclusion of migrants in decision making? Can and should migrants be active citizens? And what can policy makes do to promote greater inclusion of migrants in decision making? International migration is a hotly debated topic within national and global […]

Bridging the democracy gap: How can we make political participation more inclusive and accessible to all?

The MILE project, an EU-funded initiative promoting the political participation and local inclusion of migrants and refugees, in collaboration with the European Parliament, is inviting civil society actors, policymakers and communicators to an event exploring how collaboration and community engagement can help make civic engagement and political participation more inclusive and accessible to all. Through […]

ONLINE EVENT: Fostering diversity in political decision making

Join us for another MILE online event on Thursday 29 June from 12:00-13:00, bringing together different perspectives on fostering diversity and the inclusion of migrants and refugees in political decision-making through consultative bodies, migrant councils and other democracy initiatives. Click here to register and receive a reminder We will hear from those directly involved in MILE’s local […]

MILE Fireside Chat celebrating International Migrants Day

To celebrate International Migrants Day (18 December) this year, MILE held an online “Fireside Chat” on Thursday 22 December from 11:00-11:45 AM CET. Together with speakers from INTEGRIM Lab, EKKE and UNITEE, we explored the EU and local policy landscape at the intersection of migration, inclusion, diversity and participation policies. Speakers touched upon the evolution […]

Young Migrants and Cities – Event for the European Week of Regions and Cities 2022

You can rewatch the event here. As part of the 2022 edition of the European Week of Regions and Cities, MILE, in collaboration with the UNITES project, UNITEE, INTEGRIM Lab and Eurocities, hosted an online workshop titled “Young migrants and cities – new pathways for local participation and inclusion” on 11 October 2022. The online workshop explored […]

CREME Annual Conference on Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship

On 10 November 2022, MILE participated in CREME’s (Centre for Research in Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship) 26th Annual Ethnic Minority Business Conference. Supported by Lloyds Banking Group the theme this year was: ‘Towards a New Agenda for Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship’. The annual conference brings together leading researchers and examples from the world of business support to highlight […]

Celebrating International Democracy Day with an event on ‘Local Demcoracy and Making Migrants’ Voices Heard’

On the occasion of International Day of Democracy on 15 September 2022, MILE held an online event to exchange ideas on local democracy and discuss different ways to enhance the representation and participation of migrants and refugees in local decisions and policies.                The MILE partners that took part in the discussion – Vanessa Cotterell (UNITEE), […]

Save the date: Integrating Cities conference on 16-17 November in Utrecht

Eurocities and the City of Utrecht are organising the 10th edition of the Integrating Cities conference on 16-17 November 2022 in Utrecht. The high-level event is organised within the Eurocities project CONNECTION “CONNEcting Cities Towards Integration action”. This 10th edition will focus on empowering and integrating vulnerable migrants in cities. The war in Ukraine and […]