Three questions to: Paul Soete, European Economic and Social Committee

In our Q&A series “Three Questions To”, we present different European perspectives on migration, participation and local inclusion, this time with Paul Soete, Chair of the Group on Immigration and Integration, European Economic and Social Committee (EESC). The EESC is an advisory body to the EU, representing employers’ and workers’ organisations and other interest groups. Within […]

Co-designing policies with migrants for more inclusive cities

What makes a city truly inclusive? How can municipalities ensure that local policies can meet the needs of newcomers, refugees and migrants while providing opportunities and space for them to participate in the design of these policies? The traditional, often top-down policy-making process tends to separate expertise from experience: policies are made by experts and […]

MILE training on inclusive and meaningful participation

As part of the project’s activities to promote the participation of migrants and refugees in local policy-making, MILE is currently organising free online training in four European municipalities: Riga (Latvia), Ripollet (Spain), Ioannina (Greece) and Birmingham (UK) around the topics of meaningful and inclusive participation, diversity in policy-making, migrant and refugee advocacy, interculturality and collaboration. […]

CREME Annual Conference on Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship

On 10 November 2022, MILE participated in CREME’s (Centre for Research in Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship) 26th Annual Ethnic Minority Business Conference. Supported by Lloyds Banking Group the theme this year was: ‘Towards a New Agenda for Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship’. The annual conference brings together leading researchers and examples from the world of business support to highlight […]

Inclusive Democracy and Participation – Networking event in Ripollet for Democracy Day

On the occasion of International Democracy Day on 15 September 2022, MILE’s local partners in Spain – UAB’s research group Transmedia Catalonia, the Asociación Kudwa and the municipality of Ripollet – organised a roundtable discussion on “Inclusive democratic participation” to to exchange ideas on how to make cities more inclusive by allowing everyone to have […]

MILE at the European Researchers’ Night on 30 September

Members of the Transmedia research group at UAB together with Asociacion Kudwa and the Municipality of Ripollet – partners of the MILE project – will lead two workshops as part of the European Researchers’ Night on 30 September in Barcelona in the CosmoCaixa. The two workshops are organised with the two EU-funded projects GreenSCENT and MILE. The European Night […]

MILE and its collaboration with the RAISD project

On 17 and 18 May, Chiara Gunella (Transmedia Catalonia research group, MILE partner) joined the International Conference “Tailoring Research and inclusion Strategies for vulnerable migrant contexts” in Palermo to represent the MILE project. This International Conference was organised under the RAISD project that is funded through the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme and addresses the need […]

Voices on inclusion and participation

Scroll down to find some of the views of members of migrant and refugee communities, municipalities and research teams on the topic of migration and inclusion at the local level as well as diversity in policy-making. Get in touch with us and let us know what you think makes a city inclusive!